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Vilofoss Stalosan F

Vilofoss Stalosan F

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Protect your animals from infections

Bringing animals into the barn generates elevated pathogenic levels, high levels of ammonia and subsequently unhealthy high pH levels. The high concentration of active substances and antimicrobial mineral acids in Stalosan F is proven to kill pathogens, neutralize ammonia, lowers the pH and keep the environment dry.

Stalosan F is made of fine particles to increase the contact surface and thereby increasing the efficacy. The fine particle size is also ensuring a high floatability and subsequently a complete coverage of treated areas. This floatability is very crucial or the effect of powder products in general, since once they are added to a  surface, they will no longer be able to flow out and give a full coverage.

Advantages of Stalosan F  

  • A multifunctional biocide that provides ongoing  protection against pathogens and harmful waste products during the full animal production cycle.
  • Active in presence of organic materials with an effect that lasts at least for a week
  • The only approved biocide (or disinfectant) in ready to use powder form
  • Contains more than 95% active ingredients, which lower the infection level and control the negative impact from harmful waste products and elevated pH-values in the barn environment.
  • Eliminates pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites)
  • Inhibits bacterial enzymes
  • Neutralises harmful waste products such as ammonia and hydrogen sulphide
  • Regains a natural low pH-value in the animal environment and therefore strengthens the animal resistance towards infections. Read more about the importance of a low pH-value.
  • High effect with a low dosage makes it cost effective
Stalosan F for Cattle:

Stalosan F is proven to be effective against many problems, both those caused by bacteria and those induced by certain parasites. Examples include mastitis, high somatic cell count, and diarrhoea. Mastitis, is a complex disease caused by pathogenic bacteria penetrating the teat channel. The disease partly destroys the milk producing tissue and reduces the milk production. Often, mastitis infected cows must be culled.


Dairy cattle trial Australia 2013

2000 m2 free stall barn, compressed ground and compost bedding. Standard Stalosan F application – three days in a row at the beginning, and thereafter once a week.  Start: 06.05.2013 with an average of 1 344 000 BSCC.



For cattle, spread Stalosan F in areas where the animals lie down, particularly under the udder and in damp areas. In penned and tethered stalling, spread the product at the back of the stall in particular, around the feeding trough and dung channel, etc. In deep-bedding housing, spread directly on the existing layer of bedding, particularly in the animals’ lying areas. Spread throughout the entire area in calf stalls.

Stalosan F for Horses:
Stalosan F has been proven effective against many problems including thrush, mud fever, certain forms of coughing and ammonia and moisture in the bedding

Stalosan F removes toxic, foul-smelling ammonia and hydrogen sulphide vapours that attack mucous membranes. Consequently, the horse box environment is improved.

The straw stays fresh longer when using Stalosan F, which typically reduces the straw consumption by 10–15%. In addition, using Stalosan F at least once a week will considerably reduce the number of flies.


In horse stables, spread Stalosan F at least once a week – across the entire floor area or existing mat and particularly in wet, damp areas and along edges.

The dosage is always 50 g/m²(1 pound per 100 sq. feet), but it may be very valuable to concentrate on the critical areas in the stable.

The consumption of Stalosan F is typically 12½–25 kg (27.5-55 pounds) Stalosan F per horse/year.

Stalosan F for Poultry:
Stalosan F can be defined as an unique powder biocide/disinfectant that provides sustained suppression of pathogens in poultry productions.


Stalosan F has proven efficacy against Bacteria such as E.coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus; Viruses such as Avian influenza virus, Newcastle Disease virus; Coccidia oocysts; Worm eggs; Fly Larvae; Fungi.

Stalosan F includes active ingredients that kill pathogens and improves sanitation standards. Reduces ammonia and improving atmospheric conditions for birds and handlers. The product is non-corrosive to the equipment and it is safe to be apply when animals are present. Simple to use, providing a reliable disease barrier as part of the overall farm bio-security plan. Because of the low dosage rate it is also cost effective.

Acidic litter amendments are often used in poultry production to reduce litter pH, to control ammonia and as an intervention method in houses with a recurring disease issue. Stalosan F possesses similar effects by lowering the pH of the litter and inhibiting bacterial growth, which produces ammonia as a by-product of their metabolism and possess an excellent moisture absorbing capacity as well.

Stalosan F - General Benefits for Poultry

  • Stalosan F as a hygiene and disinfection agent can be a key element of every biosecurity protocol
  • Reduces ammonia production and bacterial challenge - improved immune function response
  • Footpad quality improvement – less skin burning
  • Increases litter amendment activity
  • Increases fuel efficiency during preheating and brooding
  •  Maintains healthy levels of floor moisture
  • Reduces health risk
  • Compliance with nutrient management guidelines
  • Reduces environmental impact




  •  Stalosan F contribute to less mortality and possess a potential to improve the health status of the flock.
  • Stalosan F treated flocks often expose better FCR.
  • Stalosan F lead to better overall broiler flock performance resulting in improved weight gain and Final body weight at the end of the growing cycle. Some studies indicate up to 5% increased body weight at the end of the fattening period. Several tests reveals Stalosan F potential to provide Return on investment from 1:2 to 1:5. Stalosan F often grants better broiler flock uniformity. Stalosan F has a potential to reduce the total medication cost. 
  • Regular application of Stalosan F improves the environment conditions and as results of that a longer production period may occur as well as less disease incidence.
  • Stalosan F has a potential to reduce the total medication cost.
  • Regular Stalosan F application has a potential to decrease significantly the ammonia formation and ammonia emissions in the air.
  • Frequent Stalosan F application provides lower pathogens pressure and less pathogens contaminated eggs. 
  • Stalosan F has a potential to reduce the total medication cost.
  • Regular Stalosan F application has a potential to decrease significantly the ammonia formation and ammonia emissions in the air.
  • Regular application of Stalosan F improves the environment conditions and decreases the appearance of some specific disease incidence such as Gangrenous dermatitis.
  • The material significantly contributes to better litter quality throughout the entire growing period.  


Recommended Application Rates of Stalosan F

Add 50g/m2. If the area is badly affected, Stalosan F can be applied I higher and/or more frequent doses.


General application:

  • First treatment: Stalosan on the bedding, prior to chicken accommodation
  • Repetitions: 3-5 days prior to the critical periods:
  • feed changes
  • stress situations

Repetitions can be increased in specific circumstances

  • Weekly

Breeding flocks/layers

General application:

  • First treatment: Stalosan on the floor/bedding/cages/aviary system, prior to chicken/bird accommodation
  • Repetitions: apply Stalosan twice a month

Health issues🡫:

  • Repetitions can be limited 3-5 days prior to critical farm periods

Health issues🡩:

  • Two months applications once a week
  • Followed by two months applications once every 2 weeks
  • Standard application as from the 5th month


General application:

  • First treatment: Stalosan on the bedding, prior to poult/bird accommodation
  • Repetitions: 3-5 days prior to the critical periods:

Repetitions can be increased in specific circumstances

  • Weekly

Other poultry

General application:

  • First treatment: Stalosan on the bedding, prior to poult/bird accommodation
  • Repetitions: 3-5 days prior to the critical periods:

Repetitions can be increased in specific circumstances

  • Weekly
Stalosan F for Goats

Aside from the expected benefits of ammonia control and a drier environment, there is particular value in using Stalosan F for the control of mastitis in milking goats. The straw or bark covered floor will be drier and thereby reduce the effect of bacteria and parasites at the same time as assisting with mastitis prevention and hoof health. In addition flies will be significantly reduced and this product may also be used in the milking shed area for fly control.

The use of Stalosan F is an ideal product to improve the environment for goat herds and the staff who work with them.

Apply Stalosan at the recommended dose rate weekly to goat housing areas including kid pens. It may also be used as a foot bath at the entrance to the goat sheds to prevent contamination into the sheds.

Stalosan F for Sheep

Stalosan F has been proven effective against many problems, both when caused by bacteria and certain parasites. Examples include coccidiosis, arthritis, skin problems and flies. 

Use Stalosan F 1-2 times a week. In case of an acute, severe problem and after acute treatment by the vet, Stalosan F may be applied once a day for 8 days, and subsequently consistently 1-2 times a week to reduce the risk of infection.

The dosage is always 50 g/m², but it may be very valuable to concentrate on the critical areas. To obtain full value for money, it is important to apply Stalosan F consistently 1-2 times a week to keep the infection pressure down, also in periods without acute problems.

Stalosan F for Pigs :
Stalosan F plays an important role in the farm biosecurity system, providing protection of animals against diseases during the whole production cycle, reducing infections and increases the overall health and profitability of the herd.

Practical trials have shown these positive effects:

Stalosan for piglets (farrowing)

New born piglets are very susceptible to diseases, therefore Stalosan plays an important role for disease prevention in the farrowing house with significant result on production results.

  • Mortality is reduced up to 10%
  • Over 50% reduction in medication costs
  • 250 g extra weight at weaning
  •  + ½ piglet/sow/litter = + 1,2 piglet/sow/year

Stalosan for growing and fattening pigs

For growers and fatteners Stalosan F can be applied during the critical periods like forming new groups, prophylactic treatments, feed change, etc. in order to reduce the pathogen pressure and morbidity as a consequence.

  • Stress reduction
  • Uniformity

Stalosan for sows – A.I.

Insemination is a critical manipulation for the overall production results. If conducted in the service area Stalosan F improves the environment conditions and increases the insemination rate.

  • + 3% conception rate
  • + 5% conception rate on return
  •  - 3 % replacement rate

Stalosan for weaners (nursery)

Weaned pigs are an important target for Stalosan F application. The immunological gap, stress of group forming and feed change make the pigs highly vulnerable to various microorganisms. In this regard, Stalosan F is capable to reduce the pathogen challenge significantly, providing a reduction of diarrhoea and pneumonia cases. The main benefit of pig health improvement is the reduction of antibiotic treatments, resulting in not only reduced medication costs, but also reduced resistant phatogen strains and keeping antibiotics potency.

  • Diarrhoea incidences are reduced up to 50%
  • More than 60% reduction in medication costs
  • A better start

Stalosan for pregnant sows

With the group management of pregnant sows, new challenges appear for the farmers. It is not possible to apply “all-in, all-out” AIAO strategy with consecutive cleaning and disinfection, building up of a manure and its impact on animal health and performance.

  • Reduction in mastits incidences
  • Reduction in metritis incidences

Recommended Application Dosage of Stalosan F

If using Stalosan F for the first time we recommend applying 50g/m2 once a day for three days. Then apply according to table at right.

Preventive application  50 g/m- once per week
For disease control  50 g/m- 2 to 3 times a week


Stalosan F in boot baths is more effective against PRRSv than Glutaraldehyde

PRRSv is considered to be one of the major problems facing pig production. A new university study demonstrates a high level of disinfecting effect against PRRSv, close to 100%. It concludes that under normal housing conditions, Stalosan F offers significant advantages as a disinfectant, also in boot baths.


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