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Sundown Petting Pellets 20Kg

Sundown Petting Pellets 20Kg

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Sundown Petting Pellets 

Sundown Petting Pellets are a cost-effective alternative to traditional pellet feeds, including grass pellets, that's ideal for customer feeding experiences.

Made from British straw, Petting Pellets are a compressed pelleted forage animal feed that's also known as Nutritionally Improved Straw (NIS).

This natural forage is lower in protein and energy than grass-based pellets or compound feeds, which can cause undesirable weight gain or laminitis if fed in high quantities. Petting Pellets are safe to feed ad-lib.

Suitable for all herbivores



Moisture 12%; Oil 1.5%; Crude Protein 4.5%; Crude Fibre 33.5%; Ash 9%

Energy Moisture 9MJ/Kg DM

Guide usage rates part of a daily ration:

Cows & Sheep - 20-30%; Calves & Lambs - 15%; Goats - 20%; Horses - 20%; Rabbits - 20%

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