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Saracen Veteran Balancer 20kg

Saracen Veteran Balancer 20kg

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A highly appetising muesli ration ideal for senior horses and ponies that are leading active and even competitive lives, whose weight needs to be managed. This fully balanced, nutrient dense ration is formulated to maintain optimum health, wellbeing and continued zest for life.

This appetising malted flavoured balancer benefits from the unique inclusion of Palatability Plus (P+) taste technology, which is designed to encourage even the fussiest of feeders and help maintain nutritional intake. In addition, Veteran Balancer benefits from a unique plant based coating, that provides a source of slowly digestible calories that when combined with digestible fibres helps to provide a healthier source of energy to veteran horses that are still in light work or active training programmes.

Suitable for:

  • Older horses & ponies at rest or in light to medium work who require a low calorie, low starch and low sugar diet
  • 'Good doers' who are also more at risk of metabolic disease such as laminitis or EMS
  • Fussy feeders or those with limited appetites
  • Using as a two-part feeding system alongside Saracen Veteran Mash

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