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Provanto Concentrated Ultimate Bug Killer 30ml

Provanto Concentrated Ultimate Bug Killer 30ml

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Provanto Ultimate Bug Killer Concentrate 30ml makes up to 60 litres of contact insecticide that kills all common garden pests on a wide range of ornamentals, vegetables and fruit.

Ideal for use on a wide range of ornamental plants, fruit & vegetables. Kills & protects against: Greenfly, Blackfly, Caterpillars including codling & tortrix moths & Beetles (raspberry, pollen & flea beetles) Also controls Weevils, Sawfly, Cutworms, Apple & Pear Suckers, Leaf Hoppers, Capsids, Thrips, White Fly, Scale Insects & Mealybugs in the home, garden, greenhouse & conservatory.

When to use:

For ornamentals, vegetables & greenhouse crops:                                                                Spray at the first sign of infestation. If necessary repeat the treatment 10-14 days later. For the prolonged control of Whitefly, mealybug & thrips repeat applications may be required.  Do not exceed the maximum number of applications shown in where to use. Use an alternative product where necessary

Peas & Beans:                                                                                                                                 For control of pea & bean weevil, apply at first signs of adult damage (leaf notching). Repeat after 2-3 weeks if prolonged & heavy attack.


Apples:                                                                                                                                            For control of caterpillars, apple sucker, apple grass aphid, apply in spring when the buds are opening (at green cluster). For the control of codling & tortrix moth, sawfly, late capsid, apply at about mid-June. A further application may be applied three weeks later. A third spray may necessary in late July or early August if tortrix moths are problem.

Pears:                                                                                                                                              For the control of pear sucker (overwintered adults, eggs & nymphs) apply before flowering blossom & at anytime from petal fall onwards. Do not apply during blossom period.

Plums:                                                                                                                                             For the control of red plum maggot, plum fruit moth apply in mid-June; a  further application may be made after 3 weeks.



The fast acting formula also provides up to 4 weeks control.

  • Kills all common garden pests including caterpillar, blackfly, greenfly and whitefly
  • Suitable for use on a wide range of ornamentals, vegetables and fruit
  • Fast acting formula - gives up to 4 weeks control

Warning: Use pesticides safely. Keep out of reach of children and always read instructions before use

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