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Protexin Equine Premium Gut Balancer

Protexin Equine Premium Gut Balancer

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Gut Balancer supports optimal nutrition by providing key nutrients, and by improving digestive function and efficiency. Gut Balancer contains a palatable probiotic and unique dual source prebiotics, specifically designed for horses and ponies. Use daily for general wellbeing.

The probiotic Saccharomyces cerevisiae contains numerous essential amino acids, vitamins, including vitamin B6, and important minerals. S. cerevisiae promotes fibre digestion, maximising dietary potential through the release of safe calories from fibre, ensuring optimum nutrition.

Gut Balancer is an everyday palatable probiotic and prebiotic powder, specifically designed for horses and ponies.

Use daily for general wellbeing to support digestive function and efficiency.


Normal use: 10g (1 level measure) added to the daily food.

Stress use: 20g (2 level measures) added to the daily food.


Digestibility Enhancers
Protexin probiotic
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (CNCM I-4407) 4b1702
1 x 10¹² CFU/kg; 1 x 10⁹ CFU/g

Technological Additives:
Preplex® prebiotic - Acacia (Gum arabic)

Alfalfa meal, Preplex® prebiotic (Fructo-oligosaccharide), Brewers' yeast


Can Gut Balancer be given to horses long term?
Gut Balancer is designed to be given daily, for the life of the horse where necessary. The horse's gastrointestinal system is influenced by many different factors throughout its life and is constantly changing. Therefore any horse at any age can benefit from the support provided by Gut Balancer.



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