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Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food

Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food

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Phostrogen is a formulated all-purpose soluble feed that can be used as an organic fertiliser to maintain a healthy garden. It comprises a balanced amount of nitrogen, potassium, phosphate, and other essential trace elements.

These nutrients ensure the healthy growth of your garde. Phostrogen is effective for all kinds of garden plants including edible crops, fruit trees, young plants, and houseplants.

Why Use Phostrogen?

Phostrogen is a well-balanced plant food that provides all the necessary nutrients that are essential for healthy plant growth. It constitutes organic components that are beneficial for your garden and are sans any negative impact.

The major benefits of Phostrogen are:

  • It is easily dissolvable in water.
  • The nitrogen in the soluble food promotes healthy green foliage.
  • It promotes the development of flowers and fruit.
  • It helps in making the plants resistant towards disease and conditions like drought.
  • Phostrogen strengthens the root system of the plant, promoting its healthier growth.
  • This organic fertiliser can be used for all sorts of plants, indoor and outdoor.
How to Apply Phostrogen?

Phostrogen – All Purpose Plant Food is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is follow these three simple steps:

  1. Measure Phostrogen – All Purpose Plant Food into a watering can.
  2. Dilute the feed with water.
  3. Apply the solution generously around the roots and the extended reaches of foliage.

You can also use this feed in powder form and can apply 2oz of Phostrogen powder per square yard. This can be effectual as soil dressing in spring and summer.

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