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Onion Sets - Red Baron 250g - Bulb Size 14/21mm

Onion Sets - Red Baron 250g - Bulb Size 14/21mm

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Grow Your Own Spring Planting Onions - Red Baron

Dark Red Skin, Strong Flavour

Plant:      March / April

Harvest:  Mid August

Best Suited Culinary Uses:

Growing Instructions:

Plant in a sunny position, in well-prepared soil. Avoid ground recently used to grow onions or shallots.

Plant as soon as your soil is workable during March & April in rows 30cm (12") apart. Plant 10cm (4") apart in the drill,

Plant sets carefully in shallow drills. Tips of the shoots should be showing just above the soil. Trim with scissors if tips are too long, as birds particularly enjoy tugging them out. Check regularly & carefully replant any that are pulled out.

Keep plants free from weeds & well fed & watered as the bulbs develop.

Harvest from mid August once the leaves turn yellow and start to bend over. Gently tease your fork under the bulbs to break the roots. Allow to dry and sun ripen on the soil for a few days or in a dry place if the weather is wet.

Store only dry & sound bulbs in nets or used tights in a cool, airy place.  

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