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Nettex Sure Sired Nylon Anti-Chaff Ram Harness

Nettex Sure Sired Nylon Anti-Chaff Ram Harness

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High quality ram harnesses

Sure sired Ram Harnesses are British manufactured by Nettex

Each harness is designed to deliver strength and comfort without sharp edges that could cut of chafe

A unique crayon holder design ensures firm, secure crayon retention, and accepts most leading brands

 Instructions for fitting the harness:

1. Holding the harness in position between the rams legs with the crayon carrying plate facing downwards

2. The thicker girth strap should be towards the rear of the ram and the longer, thinner shoulder straps should extend forwards.

3. With the breast plate held in position, fasten the girth strap around the ram, ensuring that the fixings rings are evenly spaced.

4. Pull one shoulder strap up each side of the rams neck and diagonally across its shoulder to the fixing ring on the opposite side of the girth strap.

5.  The two shoulder straps should cross on top of the rams shoulders and be adjusted so that the breast plate lies securely and centrally between the rams front legs.

6. The harness may need to be readjusted after the firt 1-2 days to compensate for settling in.

Advantages of the harness:

The harness is fully adjustable to suit all sizes of ram.                                                            The crayons can be changed simply and quickly.                                                                   The work required supervising the breeding flock is greatly reduced.                                Ewes which fail can be quickly identified.                                                                        Provides an accurate prediction of lambing pattern.                                                            Does not harm either the ram or the ewe.                                                                         Colour can be easily scoured from the fleece

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