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NAF Sand Gard Pellets 1.3Kg

NAF Sand Gard Pellets 1.3Kg

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NAF Sand Gard Pellets are for horses when grazing on very dry, dusty or sandy soil, and some may ingest some of that matter. Although the body can deal with small amounts, if sand and soil become accumulated within the gut, it can create digestive upset.

Sand Gard Pellets are palatable and easy to feed, they support healthy movement through the gut (peristalsis) and provides herbal ingredients to naturally ‘sweep’ out excesses that have accumulated in the gut. They also provide live probiotic yeasts to support a healthy microflora population within the gut.

Sand Gard Pellets can be fed regularly for long term maintenance of optimum gut health in horses who may be ingesting sandy soil.


Psyllium seed, Marshmallow leaves, Brewers' yeast, Carrot (dried), Omicha berries, Rosehip shells, Milk thistle seeds, Turmeric, Dandelion leaves, Rosemary, Chlorella (dried), Mushroom (dried), Ginger, Ginkgo leaves, Liquorice, Rapeseed oil.

Additives (Per Kg)

Vitamins: Vitamin E       3a700       500iU

Digestibility Enhancer:  Saccharomyces Cerevisiae CNCM l-4407 4b1702 5.0x1010 cfu  

Emulsifiers:  Hydrolysed Iecithins 1c322ii      2,000mg

Binder:  Bentonite      1m558i    300,000 mg

Nutrional Analysis:

Crude Protein 13.4%; Crude Oils & Fats 4.2%; Crude Ash 29.2%; Crude Fibre 12.5%; Sodium 0.33%; Acid Insoluble Ash 21.9%

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