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Melcourt SylvaBark Pine Bark Flakes 15 -35mm 50L

Melcourt SylvaBark Pine Bark Flakes 15 -35mm 50L

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Melcourt SylvaBark Pine Bark Flakes are a high-quality mulch made of carefully selected, premium-grade pine bark. This mulch is perfect for horticultural and landscaping use, as it has a consistent size and attractive appearance. The pine bark flakes are also effective at suppressing weed growth, retaining moisture in soil, and regulating soil temperature, all of which contribute to healthier, more vibrant plants.

How To Use

Always wear gloves when gardening. Ensure the pot, container or decorative border is weed free. SylvaBark Pine Bark Flakes should be applied after the pot or border has been planted. The container compost or border soil should preferably be moist before the mulch is applied. Carefully spread SylvaBark Pine Bark Flakes directly onto the compost or soil surface, using your hand, a garden fork or rake.

You do not need to install a geotextile membrane before the bark is laid

Over time, if bare patches appear, use a fork or rake to move in SylvaBark PineBark Flakes from the surrounding area.. Should any weeds appear, they can usually be easily removed by hand.  If left undisturbed SylvaBark Pine Bark Flakes should last at least four years before requiring topping up

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