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Hotline 47P65EB Electric Fencing Tape Clamp Insulator with Connection Buckle

Hotline 47P65EB Electric Fencing Tape Clamp Insulator with Connection Buckle

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This is a Clamp insulator for maintaining tension within the fence line, terminating and joining multiple lines of tape. Can be securely screwed into any wooden post. The insulator can also be used to provide a gate hook. Suitable for tape up to 40mm.

Other information: 

The insulators primary role is to securely hold the fence line without power leaking from post to ground. A well designed insulator will hold the line securely so that it will not wear the tape, rope or wire when buffeted around by the elements or will allow the line to freely pass through without the impedance of sharp edges. Corner insulators and end tensioners are designed to take the strain of a tensioned fence line through changes of direction and at terminations.

Using a wooden post with this type of insulator in temporary situations facilitates the effective tensioning of the line and allows temporary plastic posts to be spaced at greater distances and will extend the life of the tape or wire.

  •  For tape up to 40mm
  • Screw in to all wooden posts
  • For maintaining tension, terminating and joining lines of tape
  • Can also be used as a gate hook
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