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Hotline Electric Fence 47P62 Turbocharge Electro Poly Wire 9-Strand

Hotline Electric Fence 47P62 Turbocharge Electro Poly Wire 9-Strand

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Turbocharge electro wire with 6 stainless steel and 3 copper conductors. Ideally suited for longer distance fence systems. Orange and Yellow colour ensures excellent visibility at dawn or dusk.

Other Information: 

A primary concern when choosing your conductive material is visibility. For many animals an electric fence acts as a psychological barrier and they have to be able to see it to avoid it. This is also a consideration when choosing colour – a product with a low visual impact from a human point is also much harder for an animal to see.

Electric fence polywire is thinner and therefore less visible than other conductive material such as tape.

Polywire conducts electricity well and is recommended for containing slower moving livestock such as cattle, pigs and sheep. Typically, it comes with between 3 and 9 strands of metal filament woven into it and is flexible and easy to use. 

Polywire conducts power through thin metal conductors running through it's length. The more metal in a fence line the more efficient it will be. Steel conductors have a good balance of conductivity and tensile strength and copper (usually nickel plated) conducts extremely well but has a lower tensile strength.

Polywire with a combination of the two aim to take advantage of the strength of steel while using the copper to reduce the overall resistance of the product.

Resistance is measured in Ohms. A lower Ohm value indicates the product offers less resistance to the energy flowing through it and thus will take the power further.

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  • 6 stainless steel conductors and 3 copper conductors
  • Turbocharge
  • Orange and Yellow for good visibility at dawn or dusk
  • Available in 250m and 500m lengths
  • Premium grade material for increased durability and long life span
Technical Specification:
Colour:                                                                     Orange, White, Yellow
Technical specification:                                            Reel 250m or 500m
Wire diameter:                                                         2 mm
Number of stainless steel conductors:                    6                                                        Number of copper conductors:                               3
Resistance:                                                               0.26 Ohm/m
Breaking strength:                                                   77 kg
Length: 250 m ; Weight: 1.156 kg
Length: 500 m ; Weight: 2.279 kg
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