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Hotline HLB500 Falcon Energiser Electric Fencer - 1.7 Joules 12 Volts

Hotline HLB500 Falcon Energiser Electric Fencer - 1.7 Joules 12 Volts

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The Falcon energiser is suitable for all farm uses where mains power is unavailable. It is ideal for sheep, (up to 15 electrified sheep nets), protecting crops from rabbit infestation (up to 10 lengths of electrified rabbit netting), pigs, poultry and cattle (beef and dairy).  It can power up to 18 km of electric fencing.

The Hotline  Falcon energiser has two output levels and is powered by a 12V rechargeable leisure battery. The amp/hr rating of the battery will determine the charging interval, for example a 75 amp/hr battery will require charging every 2-3 weeks.

When animals are first introduced to the electric fence the fencing energiser is set to 'high' for about seven days. This allows the animals time to become accustomed to and learn to respect the electric fence line.  The energiser can then be turned down to the low setting, once they have learnt not to touch the fence.

As the Falcon energiser is designed to be used on long lengths of electric fencing, an earth stake at least 1 m in length must be used. If the animals are being fenced for the first time, the energiser should be set to 'high' for the first week and can then be switched to 'low' after this initial period in order to conserve the battery life. If, however, the electric fence is being used to keep animals out of a protected area, the energiser should always be switched to the 'high' output position.

The LED will flash GREEN when the unit is working correctly, but will change to RED when the batter requires re-charging. A buzzer will sound if the battery terminals are connected incorrectly.  The energiser has a convenient on/off switch.

All the essential leads are included with the energiser, so you can attach it to your 12 volt battery and earth stake.  The earth stake is not included.

The 12 Volt Hotline Falcon battery powered electric fence energiser with 5 year warranty!

High power fencer for multi-purpose use.

Made in the UK!


Power Supply                              - 12 Volt battery (not supplied)
Stored Energy                             - 1.7 joules
Output Voltage                           -  High 9,000 Volts, Low 7,600 Volts
Output Voltage @500 Ohms      -  4,500 Volts / 3,800 Volts
Approximate battery Life            -  4 Weeks (75 Amp/Hour Battery
Pulse/Battery Low Indicator
Warranty - 5 years
Connection Leads included:        - Fence Connection Lead, Earth Connection Lead,                                                                   Battery Connection Leads     

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