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Hotline Electric Fence EST1 'T Bar' Ground Stake 1m

Hotline Electric Fence EST1 'T Bar' Ground Stake 1m

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The most important part of any electric fencing system is the Earthing of the system!

Heavy duty 1m T-section ground stake with bolt connection.

Doubles as a stand for Fire Drake solar energisers.


Earthing a fence system is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of building an electric fence system.

The fence line is only one half of the circuit - the ground is the other. The two together form an open circuit, which is completed when the animal touches both. The fence line operates efficiently as the electricity is carried through highly conductive filaments but on return the pulse is carried through the ground itself.

The ground is a variable medium which is affected by weather conditions, geology and the extent of the earth system installed. In dry conditions the ground conducts poorly so it is always recommended to install the ground stake(s) in damp soil.

It is recommended that a minimum of one 1 metre ground stake for any fence applications at least 1m in depth as the top soil is the most susceptible to change. A fence can only be improved by adding multiple stakes linked with wire driven as deep into the earth as possible.

Multiple stakes should be placed 2m apart. 

  • Available in 1m & 1.5m lengths
  • Heavy-duty stake with bolt connection
  • Suitable for use with all Hotline energisers
  • Doubles as a stand for Fire Drake energisers
Length: 1 m; Weight 1.815 kg
Further Information:
Long fence systems may require the installation of a ground return wire along the length of the fence. This provides an efficient medium for the pulse to return to the energiser. Ground stakes are installed periodically along the length of the return wire minimising the amount of actual ground pulse needs to travel.
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