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Hippo Safety Fence Grey Tape 100m

Hippo Safety Fence Grey Tape 100m

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The Hippo Safety Fence Grey Tape is the perfect solution for securing and marking off hazardous areas. It's strong and durable design ensures that it will hold up under any weather conditions, making it the ideal choice for outdoor use. Whether you need to secure a construction site, mark off a traffic area, or block off a hazardous zone, the Hippo Safety Fence Grey Tape is an effective and reliable choice.

Hippo Safety Fence tape is a flexible tape with a width of 47mm and a 1.5 mm thickness. The tape looks just like a wooden fence.

Packed in rolls of 100 metre lengths & the tape is boxed for ease of transportation and installation

Visibility:                                                                                            Hippo Safety Fence is very visible for horses. Grey has good visibility in green areas

Quick Installation:                                                                       Hippo Safety Fence can be installed in a very short time. The tape should be supported at 3-metre lengths between posts. Manufactured & supplied in 100m lengths, the strapping is easy to handle and use with easy tensioning with the ratchet.

No Maintenance:                                                                        Hippo Safety Fence tape is made of UV resistant materials and requires no maintenance. If the tape should be broken, it can be re-connected with 2 screws and tensioned again with the ratchet. When a tape has to be replaced, you can quickly insert a new tape into the existing holders. Also, when it snows, the tape will not sag!

Safety:                                                                                            The strapping breaks before injuries can occur. It will break when a horse gallops into the fence. The fence is easily repaired using the connectors. The tape has a breaking strength of approximately 300kg. 

Flexibility:                                                                                      The smoothness and flexibility of the tape prevent injuries such as cuts, splinters or more severe wounds.

Aesthetic:                                                                                      Hippo Safety Fence looks like a normal wooden fence. Well priced it is also more cost effective by comparison with post and rail system.

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