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Farmsense Hornex Calf Dehorning 42.7% w/w Cutaneous Paste 25g POM-VPS

Farmsense Hornex Calf Dehorning 42.7% w/w Cutaneous Paste 25g POM-VPS

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Important Information about this product Veterinary Medicine Regulations

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Hornex makes a great alternative to other calf dehorners for efficient removal of the embryo horn. Hornex paste should only be used for disbudding calves younger than 7 days. Hornex dehorning paste makes an ideal alternative to other dehorning products such as gas or wire dehorners. Each tub of paste will de-horn around 35-40 calves. Hornex is a safe, cost effective and humane dehorning paste for young calves. Full instructions on each tub.

The active ingredient is sodium hydroxide.

One tub will treat approximately 113 doses however more paste can be applied if needed. 

Please note: If stored under 10c, the paste is liable to go firm. This is easily rectified by gently warming the tub and stirring the paste with the spatula. The effectiveness of the product is not altered.

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