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Dengie Freshbed For Chickens

Dengie Freshbed For Chickens

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Dengie Freshbed For Chickens is a high-quality bedding solution for your feathered friends. Made from completely natural ingredients, this bedding is soft and comfortable for your chickens while also being easy to clean and maintain. Not only does it provide a comfortable resting place for your chickens, but it also helps to absorb moisture and control odors in their coop.

Dengie Freshbed For Chickens is made from a unique blend of straw and wood shavings. This combination creates a soft and fluffy bedding that your chickens will love to snuggle up in. The natural materials also provide a warm and cozy environment for your birds, which is important for their health and wellbeing.

Keeping your chickens' coop clean is essential for their health and happiness, and with Dengie Freshbed For Chickens, cleaning is a breeze. The bedding is highly absorbent, meaning it can hold a lot of moisture before needing to be changed. And when it is time to change the bedding, it can be easily composted, making it an eco-friendly choice for your flock.


Straw, Wood Shavings

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