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Chicktec Liquid Egg Wash 1L

Chicktec Liquid Egg Wash 1L

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Chicktec Egg Wash Liquid is a reliable and effective solution for maintaining clean and safe eggs. Designed for both rotary egg washers and manual washing, this low foaming liquid ensures thorough cleaning without unnecessary agitation.

The Chicktec Egg Wash Liquid is specifically formulated to remove dirt, debris, and potential contaminants from the surface of the eggs, leaving them hygienic and ready for consumption. Its gentle yet powerful cleaning action effectively eliminates bacteria and other microorganisms, ensuring the safety of your eggs. Whether you prefer the convenience of a rotary egg washer or the hands-on approach of manual washing,

Chicktec Egg Wash Liquid is suitable for both methods. Its versatility allows for easy integration into your existing egg washing routine.

With Chicktec Egg Wash Liquid, you can trust that your eggs will be thoroughly cleaned without compromising their quality. Keep your eggs clean and safe with this reliable and specially formulated egg wash liquid, perfect for rotary egg washers and manual washing.

Benefits of the CHICKTEC Egg Wash Liquid:
  • Does not contain chlorine
  • Low Foaming
  • Kills bacteria and viruses but does not destroy cuticle
  • Suitable for poultry and game eggs
Directions for use:

Prepare dipping solution by adding 10ml of CHICKTEC Egg Wash Liquid to every 2L of water.

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