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Battles Horse & Cattle Fly Repellent Liquid 1L

Battles Horse & Cattle Fly Repellent Liquid 1L

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An effective fly repellent for use on horses and cattle.

This liquid fly repellent is suitable for amateur use and provides protection against flies, midges, gnats, horseflies and other biting insects.

Simply apply the repellent to areas of the skin prone to fly irritation, and it should remain effective for up to 12 hours.

If further protection is needed, the repellent can be applied earlier.


N, N-Diethyl-M-Toluamide, Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil, Hydrated, Cyclized, Isopropanol, Lemongrass Oil.

DEET and the natural fly repellent 

Directions for use:

Using a cloth or sponge, lightly apply to areas prone to fly irritation, including the face and muzzle but avoiding the eyes.

Alternatively spray from a distance of 15cm (typically 5ml of fluid will cover 10cm x 15cm).

Ensure that all areas of the coat prone to fly worry, especially the head, ears and tail are treated. Repeat as necessary.

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