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Baillie Haylage Ryegrass & Timothy 20Kg

Baillie Haylage Ryegrass & Timothy 20Kg

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Baillie Ryegrass & Timothy is a Medium Energy Haylage with a High Digestible Fibre content, making It an Excellent Option For Horses In Medium Work.

With a similar amount of digestible fibre to our High Fibre product, our Baillie Haylage Ryegrass & Timothy has more digestible energy (calories), which is a popular choice for those feeding broodmares or competition horses. Introduced to the Baillie Haylage range in 1998, this variety is characterised by the presence of the timothy grass, a tasty and nutritious perennial grass with a long cylindrical flower head. This mixture of grasses is highly palatable to horses, making it a great option for fussy feeders or to add variety to a horse’s forage diet. Horses love the dust free nature and dependable consistency of Baillie Haylage Ryegrass & Timothy. Every bale is the same reliable quality; high in fibre and dry matter, tasty from the first strand to the last! Baillie guarantee:

No additives, 100% grass forage. Ryegrass & Timothy - The timothy grass in this mix adds to the fibre content and makes this variety particularly palatable. Popular with fussy feeders who need a little more energy through their forage. Energy Yield: Medium, Bales Sizes

Great For Competition horses, brood mares, fussy eaters and those in medium work.

Nutritional Information based on Typical Analysis:

Dry Matter 70-80%, Digestible Energy 7-10 MJ/Kg, Digestible Fibre 60-65%, Crude Protein 6-9%, Lactic Acid 30-40%, Sugar (Typical of Dry matter) 7-9%

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