Collection: TopSpec Horse Feeds

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everyone who has spread the word about how outstandingly effective TopSpec products are. You have helped to make TopSpec more than the leading brand of feed balancers in the U.K., TopSpec are now looked to whenever excellent, effective and trusted results are required.

Many TopSpec products solve problems for horses and ponies and the three years of excellent grass growth TopSpec have nearly completed highlights the value of the latest addition to the balancer range. This is TopSpec Performance Lite Feed Balancer, designed to provide the micronutrients that hard-working horses need, without the muscle and topline building quantity of protein found in TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer. TopSpec Performance Lite Feed Balancer is becoming the go-to product for good-doers that are working hard and for many more horses that are in good condition when the protein levels in the grass/haylage are high. TopSpec Performance Lite Feed Balancer is also higher in Omega-3 fatty acids than other TopSpec feed balancers, using linseed as its protein source to help improve the Omega3/6 ratio in equine diets, with resulting benefits for certain horses e.g. those with dry and flaky (rubbed) skin.

TopSpec test, amend and improve our formulations based on research carried out at the TopSpec Equine Research Centre, our own, purpose-built, applied nutrition research facility in North Yorkshire.

Because excellent nutrition is of prime importance to TopSpec TopSpec guarantee to ‘Create without Compromise.’ You can rest assured that none of our products will be compromised, ever.

If you have any need to seek advice about the feeding or management of your horses you can be assured of a warm welcome and individual advice from me or one of my team, including two vets and four other experienced equine nutritionists.