Collection: Tithebarn Limited

Tithebarn has been producing high quality salt licks for over 80 years, serving not just the UK market but also Europe, Africa, the Middle East and south-east Asia.

  • We’re a family-owned company that has so far ‘invested’ four generations in its worldwide success. This gives us the benefit of continuity, ensuring that a commitment to quality products and quality service has always been our main driving force.
  • Tithebarn operates from the heart of Cheshire, the region in the UK that produces some of the world’s purest salt, and is also a leader in salt processing and production technologies.
  • We’re also located in a major livestock farming area. This means we are always fully aware of changing farm needs and priorities, and can speak from first-hand experience when advising on the performance and benefits of Rockies products.

The quality and integrity of our products have always been of paramount importance. This is reflected in our determination to ensure that Rockies don’t just deliver salt supremely well, but also deliver exactly the right combination of minerals and vitamins needed by your livestock on your farm. The end result is healthier and more productive animals, which translates directly into improved farm profits.