Collection: Melcourt Industries Limited

Melcourt is the UK’s leading supplier of mulches, growing media, play surfaces, soil improvers, equestrian surfaces, biofiltration media and more, based on bark, wood and other natural materials.


A leader in innovation and high quality for nearly four decades, Melcourt has developed a range of products that is second to none, with unparalleled technical back-up, prompt and efficient delivery, outstanding levels of customer care and all-importantly, excellent environmental sustainability.

Melcourt Offers

  • Strong product branding, built up over 4 decades


  • Complete product range for all market sectors


  • Consistent quality, load after load, either bulk loose or pre-packed


  • Caring customer technical and sales support pre and post ordering


  • Products that are sustainable, environmentally acceptable, recyclable and have a low carbon footprint


  • Proven value for money
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Why Melcourt?

Melcourt is an independent, privately owned company, formed in 1983. Throughout these years we have consistently focused on identifying and then meeting individual customer needs within the Landscape, Play, Grower, Garden, Builders Merchant, Equestrian and Industrial market sectors.


Our products are manufactured from British and European forest and wood processing industry residues with new raw material sources being systematically researched, trialled and tested, using the company’s in-house research and development facilities, to produce future generations of Melcourt products.

Melcourt has adequate resources in terms of skilled personnel, processing capacity and finance to convert its raw materials into useful, cost effective products to meet exacting customer requirements. Our products are available nationally and internationally, in bulk, loose and pre-packed quantities, usually ex. stock.