Collection: Leovet

Family-owned company since 1982 

More health for the horse – less work for the rider, that was the idea

1982 Founded by pharmacist and rider Dr. Ulf Jacoby

Use of raw materials and active ingredients in pharmaceutical quality right from the start

Development and production of horse care products at the Lahnau site

Currently 60 products in the field of horse care, which are popular worldwide

2004 Distribution of Apothekers Original Pferdesalbe Gold in German pharmacies

Who is Dr. Ulf Jacoby?

Born in 1939, he received his license to practice pharmacy in 1966.

In 1969 he received his doctorate, immediately followed by a leading position in research in the pharmaceutical industry.

In 1974 he took over his parents' pharmacy in Lahnau and at the same time started keeping his own horses and riding in competitions.

In 1982, his own interest, thirst for research and the demand of his clientele led to the founding of the company leovet, which specialized in horse care products.