Collection: Hi Mag Buckets for Cattle & Sheep help prevent Grass Staggers


Believe it or not spring is just around the corner, and so that means we’ll be seeing grass start to grow, meaning we can start turning cattle back out and ewes and lambs will be thriving on the spring grass, but it does come with its problems.

Magnesium deficiency, also known as grass staggers, which in some cases can be fatal. But we have a solution to help you and your livestock.

The Dallas Keith High-mag Energy feed blocks and High-Mag Molamin mineral blocks. Both these blocks are packed with magnesium to help with any deficiency along with essential minerals, vitamins, and trace elements. Both blocks come in either 20kg or 100kg buckets and for the first time on any ½ ton orders they can be produced in our bio-degradable, sustainable packaging (these are not available at the store but can be ordered with a 2 week turnaround