Collection: Ashmoat Limited

Ashmoat Limited company owners Nick Cook and Matthew Hicks first discovered Red Top Fly Traps in 2003 when Matthew moved into a 500-year-old farmhouse in the Suffolk countryside.

Surrounded by pig and poultry farms, he was completely taken aback by how the house was invaded by flies in the summer months and searched the internet to find a solution.

Most fly remedies only work once the fly has entered the house where they are either ‘zapped’ by being lured into an electric current, killed by chemical spray or suffer a slow death on a sticky flypaper.

“The obvious drawback is that the flies die in the house,” Matthew said.

Nick and Matthew’s investigations highlighted a product invented in South Africa – Red Top Fly Traps – which have been a brand leader there for fifteen years. When they tested out the product in Suffolk, they were so impressed that they got on a plane and flew to Johannesburg to meet the manufacturers.

Now Ashmoat sells Red Top Fly Traps throughout the UK. So far the response has been extremely encouraging with customers ranging from stables and equestrian centres, to dairy, pig and poultry farms, as well as the general public and anyone plagued by flies every summer.