Why Salt Licks?

Why Salt Licks?

With so many choices of salt to buy for livestock, we asked Tithebarn, a family-owned company who have been producing 'Rockies' -  high quality salt licks for over 80 years, what is the importance of salt in our livestocks diet?

Salt – the key to hydration and rehydration

SALT (Sodium chloride) is an essential part of the daily diet of all livestock and is the key to efficient feed utilisation.

  •  stimulates saliva production and promotes digestion
  • makes fodder more palatable
  • helps to regulate the acid/alkali balance in the stomach
  • aids movement and use of muscles
  • aids fluid transfer between cells and the retention of water in body tissues.

 Sweating causes appreciable loss of Sodium making supplementation essential. Whether standing in a field in our increasingly-hot summer months, hacking, jumping or racing, equines will lose water and minerals to sweat and it is vital that these are replaced. With a salt lick near to hand, horses will take the salt that they need which in turn encourages them to drink.


Naturally self-regulating, you can safely leave the salt licks for your animals to take as and when they require and in all feeding situations, indoor or out.

Rockies recommends a plentiful supply of water in close proximity to salt licks for this reason.


Check out the range of salt licks we have available at Vale Gardens instore and online. 

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