Feeding Pigs

Feeding Pigs

We stock Pig Feeds to suit all breeding animals and piglets from 10 kg through to finish in any situation on farm. We have a comprehensive range of feeds to encompass sow, grower and finishing diets. We also have a range of specialist products that include creep feeds, protein concentrates and bespoke balancer meals. All our diets use only the highest quality raw materials which are subject to rigorous sampling and traceability procedures.

Sow Diets
We stock a variety of Sow Diets, formulated for all breeding animals during the gilt, gestation and lactation periods & they provide for excellent sow condition, breeding performance and longevity.

Grower Diets
Grower diets are structured in such a way as to enhance feed intakes whilst maintaining gut health. We have feeds for all growing pigs from 8 weeks to 12 weeks of age in all environments. Formulated using the most accurate raw material analysis, diets are carefully constructed to give the ability to select the right feed for age, weight, genotype and environment of all growing pigs.

Finisher Diets
Pig Finisher Diets are designed to meet the needs of all finishing pigs from 12 weeks of age to finish. The range allows producers and advisors to select exactly the right feeds for the age, weight, genotype, environment and end market for their pigs. All GLW Feeds Finisher diets are carefully balanced to ensure pigs grow rapidly and efficiently but without depositing excess fat.

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