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The GLW Range of Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Feeds provides excellent all round diets for slower growing birds, particularly those destined for the seasonal
Christmas market.

GLW have maintained the same high
specifications for the 2023 season with the range enhanced by the addition of 15% Naked Oats across the entire range. GLW offer a complete range of diets from a top quality starter crumb to a low protein late finisher pellet. All diets are available for bulk or bag delivery.

Benefits of Feeding Naked Oats
Naked oats have been demonstrated to be nutritionally and economically viable as a wheat alternative within poultry rations, having been extensively tested by a
commercial UK turkey producer and also by British United Turkeys ( now Aviagen Turkeys Ltd.) Naked Oats (NO) are so called because they have a non-lignified husk that becomes detached during harvesting. As a result of this they have an increased
metabolisable energy and protein content compared to standard and husked oats, partly because the husk of the standard oat is almost indigestible for monogastrics. NO are higher in essential amino acids than both wheat and barley, and have a better amino acid profile than wheat, i.e. Closer to the bird’s requirements. NO are also much higher in oil than wheat and barley and are high in natural anti-oxidants.
- Better Protein quality (amino acid profile) than wheat
- Higher energy specification
- High in natural antioxidants
- Thought to have antifungal and anti bacteriological properties
- Improved general health and finish
- Improved feathering
- Reduces likelihood of feather picking
- Improved product quality

Product                                            Feeding Guide                             Coccidiostat
TFF Starter Crumb                              0 to 14/28 days                              Avatec
TFF Starter Short Cut Pellets             14 to 28 days                                   Avatec
TFF Rearer Short Cut Pellets             29 to 49 days                                   Avatec
TFF Grower Pellets                            50 to 77 days                                   Avatec
TFF Early Finisher                              78 to 112 days                                 Plain
TFF Late Finisher                               113 days to kill                                Plain


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