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A message from Kate Hore RNutr(Animal) R.Anim.Technol (Cert). Head Nutritionist at NAF:

'We’re into August, and that interesting time of year for horse-owners and riders. In some ways we are still in the peak of the season, and whether that means enjoying long summer evening hacks or madly getting those last minute qualifiers in, it is all go, go, go. On the other hand, we’re thinking ahead to the change of seasons. With autumn on the horizon comes shorter days, less riding, maybe longer time stabled, and the inevitable change of diet.

All of these challenges and changes can load stress on the horse’s immune system. Whether your personal plans include heading to Lincoln for the BRC NAF Five Star National Championships, attending a local shows final, or getting in some fun-rides, it is imperative horses and ponies stay fit and well at this time of challenge and changes.

Tips to maintain immunity

  • Maximise turnout as much as practical
  • Implement a low dust, high hygiene, regime on yard
  • Maintain fitness
  • Make any dietary changes gradually, including forage changes
  • Feed a high fibre, low cereal diet to support hindgut immunity
  • Avoid horses touching noses or sharing water with others at shows
  • Feed NAF Immuforte daily when travelling, competing or at times of challenge

NAF Immuforte provides a unique natural complex of immune-support botanicals and herbs to nourish your horse’s natural defences. Research in horses shows that by using natural products we can not only support the white blood cells, or neutropils, of the innate immune system, but also the red blood cells, essential for oxygen transfer to the muscles and so a fundamental part of maintaining peak performance.

By combining immuno-support herbs with natural antioxidants, we help to maintain a healthy response to today’s challenge, whilst preparing the system for tomorrows. Alongside antioxidants, the essential amino acid, lysine, is included. Considered the first limiting amino acid of equine diets, Immuforte provides lysine to optimize the amino acid profile and ensure it does not become a rate limiting step for the immune system. In people, research recognises the role of lysine within the immune system, and expert opinion in equine research agrees that it is worth considering this essential amino acid in equine immunity.

NAF Immuforte provides a complex of immune-support herbs with natural antioxidants and lysine for targeted, evidence-led, immune support for all horses and ponies.

Real Rider Results – Harry, Peter, Scarlett & Sienna Charles from Heathcroft Farm

‘Showjumping competitions take us and our horses all over the UK and the world. This means that our horses are exposed to new environments and strange horses on a regular basis which can place stress on their immune systems. Feeding NAF Immuforte on a daily basis helps us to know that alongside our own biosecurity measures, we are doing the best we can to keep our horses healthy and ready to perform.’

Whatever the season brings – Stay Healthy with NAF Immuforte

    Thank you, Kate, for this very insightful blog. As horse owners, we are always trying to stay one step ahead of the seasons and our equine friends immune system can be a big topic of conversation. 

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