Christmas Opening/Deliveries

Christmas Opening/Deliveries

National Deliveries

Please note that our last day for shipments to leave us is Monday 18th December and will resume as normal on Wednesday 3rd January 2024.


LOCAL DELIVERY SCHEDULE                                                                               

We will not delivering after Friday 22nd December until Tuesday 2nd January.                                                            

Please can you plan your feed & bedding requirements carefully with this in mind & if you could take a ‘BULK’ quantity in early December that would also be helpful. All the feed manufacturers are asking us to order as early as possible as they are not guaranteeing deliveries after the 8th December!

With our storage constraints in mind we will be building stock levels up BUT space will impact on how much we do stock! Please be aware we WILL NOT BE PROVIDING OUR BULK DELIVERY SERVICE AFTER 18TH DECEMBER UNTIL MONDAY 8TH JANUARY 2023







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